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“The Tribulation & Ten Toes Of Daniel” Part 11

November 16, 2016

 Tonight (11/16/16) in part 11 of the series "The Tribulation & Ten Toes Of Daniel” we will be studying Gods Word identifying both empires that will rule during the tribulation. The first 42 months (7the empire) of the 7 year tribulation will be globalism as we see the Old Babylonian Empire form again (Iraq, Syria and Lebanon). This sets the stage for the 8th empire as prophesied by John in Revelation that will be headed up by the antichrist leaving his rule in Mystery Babylon or the old Babylonian Empire and conquering Israel for the last 42 months of the tribulation. The nations that are prophesied in the bible are all strategically in place for the Time Of The End.Please listen to this timely message. The lesson begins at the 35:45 minute mark, following current events. For notes, audio podcasts and more messages go to

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