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August 19, 2015  

“The Time Of The End” Part 7 08/19/15

August 19, 2015

Tonight, in part 7 of "The Time Of The End" we are looking at ISIS. From their history, why they are fighting in Syria and the battle in Iraq. What is behind the black flags, why they are ultimately going to attack Jerusalem in order to set up a caliphate. From the traditions in islam we can see what is behind the desire for Iran to have nuclear power and for Syria to fall. The bible said all of this would happen and in the order in which it is taking place right now. The platform for a one world religion and one world government that the bible calls "the beast" and islam calls "caliphate" is already starting to take shape.  Please watch this "End Times" message and see for yourself how close we are to the return of Jesus Christ. The lesson begins at the 20:32 minute mark, following current events.