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August 12, 2015  

“The Time Of The End” Part 6

August 12, 2015

Tonight, we look at the importance of Iraq regarding End Times prophecy. It is important to know the history of the sunnis, shias, muhammad and the islamic religion to understand what is behind ISIS. This will help us see how the antichrist is going to come to power and how the platform is being set for him. Islam believes that the Mahdi (the enlightened one or the awaited one) is going to emerge out of the country of Iraq. He will open up the eyes of the world to the Islamic faith that will form a global caliphate, meaning that all nations, including Israel, all Christian nations will submit to the leadership of this man. Please watch this "End Times" message and see for yourself how close we are to the return of Jesus Christ. The lesson begins at the 21:58 minute mark, following current events.

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