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“Identifying The Giants” Part 8

March 1, 2017

(Wed - 03/1/17) In week 8 of our series “Identifying The Giants”. The same power, the same anointing that was on Jesus Christ is also on every believer to do “God’s Plan” for your life. That power and anointing is not your plan, but His Plan and that is go make disciples where ever God tells you to go. All of us have missed God’s Plan at a certain point in our lives, we became fearful, prideful, distracted or what ever reason you went with in order not to do what was right. But, once you repent, once you say, “God I will do your will” you immediately walk back into God’s Perfect Plan for your life. That doesn’t mean going back to the old plan, it means moving forward in His Plan for where you are at right now. Don’t walk out of His anointing - follow God’s Plan.


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