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“Identifying The Giants” Part 7

February 22, 2017

(02/22/17) In week 7 of our series “Identifying The Giants”. We continue to look at Elijah and what he went through after a victorious time in his life - fear took over…God knows when we are going through a difficult time as well. He not only guides our steps and corrects us when we go outside of His commands, but He takes care of us and let’s us rest when “things” in life become overwhelming. Fear is often at the root of the feeling of being “overwhelmed” and that is when Faith in God’s Word and in His Promises need to become more real to you and I then the fear from finances, relationships, sickness that can dominate our thoughts. God is for you and not against you - He knows when you need to rest and will protect you during that time of healing. 


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