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“Identifying The Giants” Part 13

April 26, 2017

(Wednesday - 04/26/17) In the final week of our series “Identifying The Giants”… It’s very easy to point out what is wrong with someone else and what they need to improve on isn’t ? But, do we ever look at God’s Word and say what about me? For all of us who are followers of Jesus Christ, God’s Word says that we need to control our tongue because it is causing strife and division in our lives. Our tongues get us into trouble at work, family, church, friends and often times we don’t know why the argument, division took place because God’s Word says that tongue, out of pride started with something with small words. With just a few small words out of a prideful hurting heart that speaks above the knowledge that it has, many relationships have been lost. Please listen to this weeks message, don't let your tongue create strife and division any where in your life ! The lesson being at the 24:29 minute mark following current events.


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