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January 17, 2016  

“Fasting For Power” Part 2

January 17, 2016

In Part 2 of “Fasting For Power” we look at Gods Word on the tragedy that comes when we don’t wait for His perfect will to be done. Troubles come when we don’t act on the Godly Wisdom from His Word but follow our immediate fleshly desires. But when we desire to hear from God and we set aside time to pray, fast and wait for the answer there is a blessing that is waiting for us. Don’t settle for a bowl of soup like Esau did, it cost Him his inheritance. He couldn’t wait, he lived by his feelings and desires and not Gods. There is a blessing that awaits all of us if we won’t settle and push thru our thoughts, our schedules, our fears, our own plan and seek what Gods Will is in all situations. Please listen to this life changing message on the power of prayer and fasting and see how others trusted God and were blessed.