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“As In The Days Of Noah” Week 1

August 23, 2017

(Wednesday - 08/23/17) in Week 1 of the new series, “As In The Days Of Noah”. We are going to look in God’s Word at the first 10 Generations of Men from Adam to Noah. We will see through this study the overlapping of the lives of the great men and how they spoke of a coming judgement (the flood) for generations and gave testimony to one another of God’s faithfulness. From the beginning when Adam was created and sinned, the birth of Methuselah whose name means, "his death shall bring”, then the flood came.  Adam was able to share God’s judgement for his disobedience and His grace to his children and grandchildren. Noah heard of the testimony of who God was from Enos, the grandson of Adam and son of Seth. The days of Noah are very important for the follower or imitator of Christ to study. His life from before and after the flood impacted Biblical history like very few throughout the Word. The lesson begins at the 24:55 minute mark following End Times In The Headlines (Current Events) To download notes, audio podcasts and more messages go to


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