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“As In The Days Of Noah” Part 5

September 20, 2017

(Wednesday - 09/20/17) Part 5 of , “As In The Days Of Noah”.  God does what He says He will do and that includes judgment. All throughout the Bible we see the faithfulness of God by giving people a witness, signs, His Word to what is going to happen, an opportunity to repent, turn 180 degrees or change the direction in which we are going that leads to death. God’s Word contains many warnings about wickedness. Those who obeyed the warnings from God, and changed their ways or direction, were spared the predicted consequences. God loves us so much that He tells us everything in advance and we learn about the future from the past which is written in the pages of the Bible. Alcohol and homosexuality were 2 of the warnings of wickedness at the time of Noah and Lot, not just in the world but in the church as well. Jesus said, as in those days of Noah and Lot so will it be at the time when I return. Don’t scoff at these warnings, don’t think it wont’ lead to death - thats how satan deceived Eve in the garden. The lesson begins at the 22:22 minute mark following End Times In The Headlines (Current Events) To download notes, audio podcasts and more messages go to


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