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“As In The Days Of Noah” Part 4

September 13, 2017

(Wednesday - 09/13/17) Part 4 of , “As In The Days Of Noah”.  The Bible says at the End Of Time there would be signs of Jesus Return, the rapture of the church. That is why Jesus commands us to know the signs so we wouldn't be in the dark about His return but in the Light, knowing the season. He said that when these signs that Im telling you throughout the Bible collectively happen then get ready. One of those signs is wickedness in high places. Those places are in government, schools, media, entertainment industry and even in the church. God’s Word since the beginning of time as we know it, 6,000 years ago, has told us and has shown us that as a result of the wickedness of man that He has shortened mans life span and the time frame of wicked events. The more wicked things become in high places the shorter it is to the return Christ just as in the days of Noah and Lot. Don’t get caught unaware, don't be in the dark to what is happening, there are signs all throughout the Bible that are taking place right now! The lesson begins at the 49:08 minute mark following End Times In The Headlines (Current Events) To download notes, audio podcasts and more messages go to


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