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November 15, 2015  

Are You Waiting On Gods Plan (Plan A) Or Doing Your Plan (Plan B)?

November 15, 2015

Too often we ask God in prayer for something (a promise in His Word) but we expect it to be done immediately. The bible says that God works things (His Promises) for the good for His Will and His Purpose or his Plan not for our Plan or our Will. There will be times when prayers get answered very quickly but when they don't we need to understand that 1. God perfect timing has not yet come 2. The other people involved are not ready 3. We are not ready. Most often, we are not ready. You and I need to mature by obedience to Gods Word in everything that it says so when it's time - we are ready. If you are waiting for a financial, relational, physical answer to prayer today, be patient and keep doing what God's Word says to do. Don't settle for plan B. Gods Plan and waiting for His Plan is they key for you to prosper in the way He wants you to go.

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