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July 29, 2015  

“The Time Of The End” Part 5

July 29, 2015

In part 5 of this series, we look at Gods Word and find out where the kingdom of the antichrist will be set up, the bible says it will be Jerusalem. We study the significance of Iraq in ancient times in order to understand the importance of it today in bible prophecy. As we go thru what has already been written in Gods Word, we discover what will be even now, from countries, religions and coalitions that will fulfill Gods Word from thousands of years ago. We begin to look at the origins of islam and muhammad which helps us understand what is going on currently in the middle east and this “Time Of The End” which Jesus commanded us to know. Please watch this "End Times" message and see for yourself how close we are to the return of Jesus Christ. The lesson begins at the 15:23 minute mark, following current events.