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“Israel At The Time Of The End” Ezekiel: The Lord’s Watchman Part 7

June 14, 2017

(Wednesday - 06/14/17) In week seven of our series “Israel At The Time Of The End” as seen by the Prophet Ezekiel: The Lord's Watchman. Tonight we look in the book of Ezekiel and the incredible accuracy that the prophet reveals what will be taking place at this time in the Gaza Strip, Lebanon and with Hamas and Hezbollah. This was written over 2600 years ago and these prophecies concerning the palestinians and the terrorist groups in Gaza and Lebanon are confirmed in the book Joel, Zechariah, and Zephaniah as well. God’s Word is true and what happens next is in the bible as well… Jesus is coming !  The lesson being at the 19:24 minute mark following current events.


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