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“Israel At The Time Of The End” Ezekiel: The Lord’s Watchman Part 4

May 24, 2017

(Wednesday - 05/24/17) In week four of our series “Israel At The Time Of The End” as seen by the Prophet Ezekiel: The Lord's Watchman. We find that the nations of Iran, Libya, Germany, Ethiopia and several European nations will come up against Israel in a very short period of time. The Prophet Ezekiel as we have seen in this series so far has been correct on every single Word that was given to him by God regarding the reforming of Israel, Palestine and the land they would occupy - the east side of Jerusalem along with serval other prophecies regarding Israel. Please listen to this weeks message, both current events and the lesson to understand we are living at the Time Of The End. The lesson being at the 17:49 minute mark following current events.


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