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“Israel At The Time Of The End” Ezekiel: The Lord’s Watchman Part 1

May 3, 2017

(Wednesday - 05/03/17) This is week one of our new series “Israel At The Time Of The End” as seen by the Prophet Ezekiel: The Lord's Watchman. Prophecy is vital to the follower of Jesus Christ as it tells us of final judgement for everyone, the rapture of the church, the consequences of our obedience and the consequences of our sin. The Prophet Ezekiel foretold of events thousands of years in the future which we have now already experienced and of events that will soon come. From the countries and wars that were prophesied at the End Of Time prior to the rapture and the alignment of countries prophesied that will come up against Israel (Syria, Turkey, Russia, Iran etc) and how quickly this could happen. The lesson being at the 16:27 minute mark following current events.


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