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“Crossroads: Church & Country” Economics That Blesses A Nation Part 2

March 9, 2016

In week 3 of Crossroads:Church & Country, we continue looking at “Economics”. Government is Economics or an economic system. Many people are full of fear and looking to find someone or something to give them peace. Fear is not from God it is from Satan. He wants you worried about your pension, your retirement, your education, your housing etc. God said, stop the fear and remember, I shall supply all your needs.  The church in an effort to get rid of the fear has voted for government to supply not just our own needs but the needs of others. When crisis comes, instead of turning to Jesus Christ/the church, people turn to government for all their needs. It is so important who we vote for. The economic system you and I choose will bring prosperity or poverty, it will make us free or slaves and ultimately what we are choosing is one of two things: is government God or do we have the religious freedom to worship God as we choose. The lesson begins at the 26:40 minute mark, following current events. For notes, audio podcasts and more messages go to

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