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May 20, 2015  

“The End Times America”

I’m often asked about the United States in regards to End Times Prophecy. Looking at current events from all areas: from what is take place in our government, political realm, churches, supreme court and the attack on God’s Word… the question alway end with, do you think God has taken His hand or Hedge of Protection off of America?

Some people say we are just going through a cyclical time for the nation. Politically, economically, socially and spiritually, it is just a  cycle that all nations go through throughout history.

But, what does the bible say? How do we know if God has taken His Hand off of America - listen to this weeks message as we go through God’s Word  and learn from the nations that have gone before us. There is a pattern that you can see throughout history that happens when a nation begins to lose favor with God. The lesson begins at the 23:30 mark…after current events.

October 5, 2014  

“Real Struggles: Give up the struggle of Inadequacy”

Pastor Brooks begins a new series on Real Struggles with: Give up the struggle of inadequacy

May 4, 2014  

End Times and Current Events

Pastor Brooks McElhenny, Pastor Grant Williams, and Pastor Robb Stancer discuss the Current events of our world and how the relate to the end times. Question and Answer time was at the end.