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“The Tongue Reveals What The Heart Believes”

God gives all of us a choice of choosing life or death, obedience or disobedience. You and I choose if we want to follow His Word, His commands, His Laws and what our heart decides, it turns into thoughts which manifests themselves into Words. Either Gods Word which is faith and believing that God is for me and not against me or satans words which are fear and doubt. Gods Word is our binding contract and the question is, do you believe in what God has written? Do you believe something different? From disappointment, sickness, financial troubles, there will be things in your life that cause your heart to doubt and be in pain, that is why the Word says to guard your heart and fill it with Gods Words. Because, out of the abundance of your heart (what you believe) your mouth will speak and it will put into motions the things that God has promised or the deception that the enemy wants you to believe. Read Gods Word daily, believe it, take captive every thought and speak life, speak Gods Word because it reveals what you believe.


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“Preparing While You Wait”

No one likes to wait. But, when we know something is going to be good we are willing to wait for it. So, what do you do when waiting for the next step that God has for you in your life? Do you prepare for it? Do you complain? Become fearful when the wait is longer then you thought? ready to give up and go a different direction? In the natural, we understand waiting. Waiting to finish college before I can become an engineer, waiting till your old enough to vote, waiting till you have enough money saved etc. God will promote you when you are ready - don't waste your time while waiting and miss the opportunity that God has given you time to prepare for the "good thing" where He will prosper you for His Purpose.


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December 18, 2016  

Christmas Blessing

Watch the Christmas Blessing Service where Pastor Brooks honors particular families in our church as he tells the Christmas story.

December 11, 2016  

Surviving Christmas: Giving The Right Thing

Pastor Brooks shares part two of his series 'Surviving Christmas' with a message about giving the right thing by offering our lives and giving our very best to Jesus.

December 4, 2016  

Surviving Christmas: Handling the Unexpected

Pastor Brooks starts a new series on 'Surviving Christmas' where he teaches how to look at situations from God's perspective.

November 27, 2016  

Foundational Beliefs: Living the Spirit Filled Life

Pastor Brooks finishes his series 'Foundational Beliefs' with a message about the Living the Spirit Filled Life.

November 20, 2016  

Foundational Beliefs: One True God

Pastor Brooks continues in his series 'Foundational Beliefs' with a message about the One True God.

November 13, 2016  

Foundational Beliefs: The Authority of Scripture

Pastor Brooks continues in his series "Foundational Beliefs" with a message about the Bible as our final authority.

November 6, 2016  

Foundational Beliefs: Holiness and Sanctification

Pastor Brooks continues in his series 'Foundation Beliefs' with a message about Holiness and Sanctification. 

October 30, 2016  

Foundational Beliefs: Prayer

Pastor Brooks continues in his series "Foundational Beliefs" with a message about prayer. Jeremiah 33:3 says "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know".

October 23, 2016  

Foundational Beliefs: Salvation

Pastor Brooks begins a new series on Foundational Beliefs with a message on God's free gift of salvation.

October 16, 2016  

Worth-ship (Part 2)

Pastor Brooks concludes his series 'GROW' with a final message on worship.

October 9, 2016  


Part 6 in the Grow Series. Worshiping God and giving Worth to Him.

October 2, 2016  

Outreach to Our World

Pastor Brooks continues in his series 'GROW' with a message titled 'Outreach to Our World'. 

September 25, 2016  

Relating to Others (Part 2)

Pastor Brooks continues in his series 'GROW' with part two of a message title 'Relating to Others'.

September 18, 2016  

Relating to Others

Pastor Brooks continues in his series 'GROW' with a message about Relating to Others.

September 11, 2016  

GROW: Change Your Mind

Pastor Brooks continues with his series 'GROW' with a message about fixing our mind on the things of God and challenging us to change the way we think.

September 4, 2016  

GROW: Growing Closer to God

Pastor Brooks revisits the series 'GROW' with a message titled 'Growing In Christ' and shares our mission statement to be the Church.

August 28, 2016  

Jesus Is Coming Again Part 2

Part 2 of the teaching on Jesus is Coming again. 
August 21, 2016  

Jesus is Coming Again

A look at what scripture has to say about the return of Jesus

“Jesus Is Coming”

Gods Word is very clear on what it looks like to love Him, "if you love ME keep my commands". Jesus came to earth and showed us how to live so we would not spend eternity in hell. He died on the cross and said when I come back, and I will, I command you to know what it will look like in the world because I've already told you. Jesus loves you and I so much that He doesn't want us to be caught no knowing and not ready when He will return. There is only 2 places when you die or when the rapture of the church takes place for those that are still alive - Heaven or Hell. All the signs or prophecies that Gods Word said would happen prior to Jesus return have happened so ... Jesus Is Coming, are you ready?

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Fear Keeps You On Satans Time Table But Faith Puts You On Gods Time Table

Sunday (08/07/16) Do you have thoughts that are keeping you up at night? You’ve done everything you know to do, spoke Gods Word, took action about it by faith, but still have fear and anxiety about the final outcome. Remember, Jesus is right there with you. He will never leave you. Through obedience to His Word and faith (action on His Word) you are going to prevail and not fail ! Don’t start speaking death over a situation, don’t have thoughts contrary to Gods Promises because that is from satan. Fear puts you on satans time table and Faith puts you on Gods time table. Listen to this Sundays message and find out how satan tries to hammer your thought life and how to stand against it in Jesus name to have victory !

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July 31, 2016  

Missions: Psalm 67- Blessed To Be A Blessing For All Nations

Pastor Brooks continues to talk about missions with a message on Psalm 67 and answers the question 'Why are we blessed?'.

July 24, 2016  

Nicaragua Missions Trip Recap

Northville Christian sent a missions team to Nicaragua to partner with Ken and Kendra Doutt. Listen to short testimonies from each of the team members as well as a message from Pastor Brooks.

“God Said Inherit The World And Expand Your Influence” Part 2

Sunday, (07/17/16) in part 2 of this series “God Said Inherit The World And Expand Your Influence” we read Gods Word on the command to multiply and be fruitful for those who are born again believers and imitators of Jesus Christ. That command is to be over the world which is all the 7 pillars of society, to be excellent at work and in all areas of our lives because we are living for Christ and if we can be trusted with little we will be given much more. The more we are obedient the greater the  expansion of influence. Jesus said, “If I be lifted up” and Jesus is  inside of all those who follow Him and He wants you to have greater influence so the Kingdom Of God will be seen by everyone. Gods Word is releasing “us” to expand our territory, expand our influence, rise in the ranks at work, get involved in politics, government, schools, school boards, media etc. Be obedient to Gods Word and He will raise you up to expand your influence - it’s a Promise from God. 

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“God Said Inherit The World And Expand Your Influence” Part 1

Sunday, (07/10/16) I preached on the Promise in Gods Word that you and I, followers/imitators of Jesus Christ are to Inherit The World.  This is not a vague promise but a very specific one. God also commanded us to multiply the talents He has given us and to pray for the expansion of our influence in the market place, government, academia, etc, which is the World that we are to be over. God has called Christians to be the head and not the tail. God has given everyone single one of us a dream and talents that  are greater then we can ever think of - so, will we do it ? God wants us to own businesses, to excel at work and in all areas of our lives for His Glory. This isn’t about the love of money, this is about strategic positioning to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere by faith as we inherit the world by increasing our abilities to influence the culture.  It’s amazing how we try to bring Gods vision/dream down to the level of our small thinking instead of taking our thinking, enlarging it, and taking it up to what God has called us to do. Please listen to this empowering message about the command from God to multiply and expand the Kingdom of God by expanding your influence every where God has called you.

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July 3, 2016  

Unlocking Faith: Enduring Faith

Pastor Brooks concludes his series 'Unlocking Faith' with a message called Enduring Faith.

June 26, 2016  

Unlocking Faith: Evident Faith

Pastor Brooks continues in his series 'Unlocking Faith' with a message about how to live a life that has evident faith.

June 19, 2016  

Unlocking Faith: Extreme Faithfulness

Pastor Brooks continues in his series 'Unlocking Faith' with a message about faithfulness on Father's Day.

June 12, 2016  

Unlocking Faith: Exceptional Faith

Pastor Brooks begins a series on faith with a message titled 'Exceptional Faith'.