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October 29, 2014  

One World Religion (Part 3) “End Times’ Series

Have you ever had a surprise birthday party thrown in your honor? Were you really surprised or did you see some signs that something was happening but you really didn't want to know - who likes getting older right?. The bible says that there's a "one world religion" and "one world government" being formed right now - are you surprised? The signs have been happening all around us for a long time - do you really want to know? listen to this weeks msg it's something you really need to know - don't be surprised by this. 

October 26, 2014  

“Real Struggles: Give up the Struggle of Approval”

Pastor Brooks concludes the Real Struggles series with Giving up the Struggle of Approval.  

October 22, 2014  

One World Religion (Part 2 ) “End Times’ Series

In "One World Religion" part 2 we continue to study the false prophet from Rev chapter 13. The one world religion foretold by John is already taken shape today. From pastors no longer teaching what Jesus said, taking away and adding to what God has already said, false teachers deluding the truth and seducing spirits. God said in His Word that this would happen at the time of the End or End Times. Jesus told his disciples who walked with Him here on earth, don't be deceived, so don't think it can't happen to you or those you love. Stay in the Word and stick to the truth and run away from those who are teaching something contrary to the Word. Please listen to this weeks study.

October 19, 2014  

“Real Struggles: Give up the Struggle of Offense”

Pastor Brooks continues in the Real Struggles series with Give up the Struggle of Offense

October 15, 2014  

One World Religion (Part 1 ) “End Times’ Series

When you watch the news you can see that we are moving towards a one world government - this isn't conspiracy theory - this is happening. Along with a one world government, did you know that there are government leaders across the world pushing for a one world religion? This process of indoctrination has already begun in our grade schools and into our colleges, targeting the youth of America. The bible said that at the End of Days a One World Government and One World Religion would exist - to learn more please listen to this weeks message.

October 12, 2014  

“Real Struggles: Give up the Struggle of Control”

Pastor Brooks continues in Real Struggles with Give up the Struggle of Control

October 8, 2014  

Don’t Fall Asleep (Part 2) “End Times” Series

Jesus said that we are to be ready for His return. So, what does it mean to be ready? Is it our own definition of being ready or does He tell us what it means to be ready? Please listen to this message for what Jesus said about the "End Times" harvest, He is very clear about what and who is going to be be burnt up. 

October 5, 2014  

“Real Struggles: Give up the struggle of Inadequacy”

Pastor Brooks begins a new series on Real Struggles with: Give up the struggle of inadequacy

October 1, 2014  

Don’t Fall Asleep “End Times” series

What gets you excited? Something that you just can't wait for? we all have something... For some it's a big football game on tv, NCAA final 4, a new movie that you've been waiting for, family coming from out of town. What happens when the game isn't so good? the new movie is dragging? your families flight was delayed? When expectations aren't met our body shuts down. You'll be sleeping on the couch by the third quarter, sleeping in the theatre and sleeping until you get a call - the flight has arrived. Unfortunately when we sleep that doesn't pause the action - things still happen around us and to us when we are not awake. God's Word tells us to be awake and pray always for His return - have you fallen asleep? have you lost your excitement about seeing Jesus? listen to this weeks message - it will wake you up!