“A Common Bush with Extraordinary Fire”

January 26, 2014

Pastor Brooks continues in the Exodus Series Chapter 3:1-10

1. Desert times are times of preparation  
2. God knows what is going on
3. We must be ready to see God when he chooses to reveal himself
4. When God speaks we must listen
5. A Common bush with extraordinary power

“Have Faith!”

January 19, 2014

Pastor Scott speaks on what it means to have faith! 

God's Timing is Best...So Have Faith!
Obedience to God's Plan is Best...So Have Faith!
Following God's Plan is Not Always Easy...So Have Faith!


“In God’s Timing” Exodus 2:11-25

January 12, 2014

Pastor Brooks continues in Exodus 2:11-25


“A New Beginning” Exodus 1-2a

January 5, 2014

Pastor Brooks begins a new series in the book of Exodus.